One of the Best Motorcycle Sat Nav Devices

A Sat Nav unit is a vital bit of equipment for a Motorbike enthusiast as nearly all motorbikes do not come with an internal GPS unit and all motorbike users like to get onto the open road for a ride every worse in a while which begs the question, how on earth are you meant to tell where you are or where you want to go.

The real answer is that unless you get yourself a Sat Nav unit, you’re going to be getting lost pretty quickly.  Yes you can use your smartphone, however they have one crucial drawback in that they do not work well in the wet so if the weather is bad then you are not going to be able to use it.

For this reason you need to get yourself a Motorcycle GPS Navigation system to give you turn by turn directions to help you get to your destination.  Motorcycle GPS units will work exactly the same way as a car navigator will although they will have added benefits such as being waterproof so that you can use them whilst riding along in the rain and have better glare proof screens to help you see your device whilst the sun is directly shining on your unit.

The next question therefore becomes which is the best motorcycle GPS Unit for you to buy.  Our answer is very simple, stick to brand names and you cannot go wrong.  Brand name companies such as Garmin or TomTom have build units based on years of experience and will come with devices that work well and will also provide you with a whole host of features to help you along your way.  Features could include, user website that will not only allow you to update your maps, but will also allow you do see where others have been and therefore find new driving roads that could make a nice weekend with.

This is often the phrase that we hear when customers talk about GPS units.  In all honesty they don’t have to be massive units.  If you driving a Truck or an RV then your Truck GPS or RV Navigator needs to big so that firstly you can see it, and secondly it can provide you all the information that you will need to drive the road.

Driving a Truck or an RV is not like driving a car.  When you drive a car, you don’t need to be worried about low bridges or restricted zones as these are not a concern for you, however with a Truck or RV these are real concerns.  Low bridges mean that you might not be able to fit underneath them whilst restricted zone could be places that you truck will not fit or will be too heavy for.  A Truck GPS Navigation System will be a large unit, usually of around at least 7-inches as its got to show you lots of information that you will need.  These are big units, however not all GPS devices need to be this big.  You could easily get yourself a GPS Watch or maybe even a great handheld GPS unit.

A Handheld GPS such as a Garmin ETrex Handheld Unit will provide you with all the navigation requirements that you need to stop you getting lost whilst moving around.  This unit comes with updated colour maps and an accurate GPS locator to show you where you are on a map.  The unit is also small enough to fit in your pocket or bag and the battery life is long enough to take with you where ever you go.

If this is still too big and you want something even smaller, then we would highly recommend that you get yourself and GPS watch.  These are a little more expensive and come in both colour and black&white screens, however they will fit easily on your wrist and provide you with all the GPS locations that you need.

A GPS watch can help you on the golf course with a Golf  GPS Rangefinder Watch if you need accurate distances to your next whole, or even with the use of a bicycle computer help you with turn by turn directions to stop you getting lost whilst using your bike.  Bike computers have the added benefit of giving you a whole host more information that just where you are as they can easily give you information such as how far you have cycled, your average speed, top speed and even how much you have climbed.

Overall a GPS units does not have to be this massive unit that you can only leave in your car.  It easily be a small unit that either you can carry around in your pocket or it can be one that you wear on your wrist.

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