Do You Really Need A Sat Nav For Your Car?

Will you need to have a Sat Nav Unit? The truthful response is yes you will as whilst its very easy to use your Smartphone, they have a few important things which if you neglect may cause you difficulties. First of all they’re expensive which means that when you drop your Cell phone of the floor and crack the display screen, you may have a nice fee to replace it. Secondly, nearly all mobile telephones units, do not work well with water and thus if you are outside in the rain, you will not be able to use your Cell phone in case it gets wet.

The specific Car GPS Navigator unit, even for the most extravagant version is often cheaper than a low priced Cellular phone therefore if it get stolen, lost or broken the trouble for your wallet is much less. In addition a sat nav unit will often have lots of wonderful features to help you to with your routing. These features could possibly include turn by turn instructions, in-built speakers or even lane support all to allow you to get from point A to point B in the shortest time.

Sat Nav units do not have to be expensive items that you have to pay £300 and upwards for.  You can find cheap GPS units very easily that will do a greta job for you.  The cheapest Car Navigation System Devices tend to be those that are either a slightly older model or those that come with a lot less features.  Its a tough decision to which type you go for, however we think its best that you go for a cheaper newer model that comes with less features and whilst you can find some slightly older models really cheaply, the features that you want to use, tend not to work as well as they should do and therefore you’re going to waste your money of features that do not really work.

In my view it is obvious that you do require a specific Navigation unit, nevertheless the actual question is do you have to go for the most high-priced GPS unit, or can you actually cope with the most affordable unit on the market. Typically large, high-priced GPS systems come with a lot of functions that you do not actually need meaning that you have really spent lavishly on features that you really need not have got. Unless you are going to do some major cross country driving, you really need to traffic alarms? The answer is that whilst they are great to have, the additional cost means that you can quite comfortably do without them. Pick a GPS device that comes with beneficial features, but functions that you are likely to use. If you are not going to make use of the features then there is basically no sense in getting this model and you might as well save the money and buy a more affordable unit.

GPS units do not have to be portable units and it is possible to get very good in-dash Sat Nav  units that will not only give you GPS direction but will also allow you to play your music, use bluetooth to speak with your cell phone and even watch DVD’s in your car whilst you drive.  Obviously, its not a good idea to drive and watch TV, however if you have small kids in the back of the car, then a great way to keep them entertained would be to give them a DVD to watch.

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